I just got my Aeros, and I was really skeptical. Considering that 8 puffs only delivers .05 mg of nicotine when a normal cigarette delivers about 1 mg, I figured it would feel like breathing air through a tube. I honestly thought that these things wouldn’t be worth the money – however, when I got the pack, I was totally shocked after taking my first puff. It actually made me cough, and the “burn” in the back of my throat felt like a real cigarette. I couldn’t get over it. So remarkable. I bought these as an alternative to smoking for areas where smoking is banned, such as on the airplane, at work, etc – absolutely worth the money. After 3 puffs, I found that I was really treating it just like a cigarette – the same inhalation!, pursing my lips the same way, still leaning my head back for the invisible exhalation. My experience may be unique, but with my eyes closed, I can’t tell the difference except that I don’t have as much trouble breathing a few minutes later, and I’m only on the 2nd Aeros. I don’t think it would be hard to completely replace smoking with these things – no long acclimation period for me.