Well, it took me awhile to find Aeros, but I am not at all disappointed. I’ve tried everything to quit smoking.
Then I found Aeros. Amazing. It literally feels exactly like a cigarette with no smoke.
It hits the back of my throat like a cigarette. It tastes like tobacco. It fits in my hand like a cigarette.
But most of all, it delivers that “kick” of instant satisfaction that nothing else could deliver except a real cigarette.
I prefer Aeros way more than cigarettes now. When I try smoking a cigarette, I can actually now taste the pesticides and other noxious chemicals more than the tobacco.
It’s repulsive. Aeros is additive free! Perfect for indoor/outdoor. I feel better. I smell better. I had been a smoker for 14 years.
A whole pack everyday for 14 straight years. I thought I was doomed to lung cancer. But now, I look better. In all honesty, this product may have saved my life.