We received our Aeros less than a week ago and are very happy with them. Yes, they are very convenient,yes, they are very satisfying, but the best part is; they are enabling us to cut way back on our smoking.
I still allow myself a smoke on the patio in my ‘jammies’ each morning, and my husband is down to 4 smokes per day. He has one in the morning, one on his lunch hour, one when he gets off work and one before going to bed, but this is a man that smoked a pack a day only a week ago. It is the Aeros that is making it possible. Also, we had re-done the entire interior of our home, new paint, floor coverings, wall paper, curtains, etc and this is saving our investment and hard work from being ruined. will we quit altogether?
I don’t yet know the answer to that question, but it’s evident that it has changed our lives and is saving us a small fortune.