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Well, it took me awhile to find Aeros, but I am not at all disappointed. I've tried everything to quit smoking. Then I found Aeros. Amazing. It literally feels exactly like a cigarette with no smoke. It hits the back of my throat like a cigarette. It tastes like tobacco. It fits in my hand like a cigarette. But most of all, it delivers that "kick" of instant satisfaction that nothing else could deliver except a real cigarette. I prefer Aeros way more than cigarettes now. When I try smoking a cigarette, I can actually now taste the pesticides and other noxious chemicals more than the tobacco. It's repulsive. Aeros is additive free! Perfect for indoor/outdoor. I feel better. I smell better. I had been a smoker for 14 years. A whole pack everyday for 14 straight years. I thought I was doomed to lung cancer. But now, I look better. In all honesty, this product may have saved my life.

Michigan City, IN

Aeros is really convenient and satisfying like a cigarette. I physically feel better when using Aeros than when smoking. I have plans to switch from smoking completely to Aeros. My wife loves me using Aeros rather than smoking a cigarette.

Moundridge, Kansas

We received our Aeros less than a week ago and are very happy with them. Yes, they are very convenient,yes, they are very satisfying, but the best part is; they are enabling us to cut way back on our smoking. I still allow myself a smoke on the patio in my 'jammies' each morning, and my husband is down to 4 smokes per day. He has one in the morning, one on his lunch hour, one when he gets off work and one before going to bed, but this is a man that smoked a pack a day only a week ago. It is the Aeros that is making it possible. Also, we had re-done the entire interior of our home, new paint, floor coverings, wall paper, curtains, etc and this is saving our investment and hard work from being ruined. will we quit altogether? I don't yet know the answer to that question, but it's evident that it has changed our lives and is saving us a small fortune.


Your product is the best substitute I have tried. excellent for use in non smoking places of which there are many. when the no smoking in public places law comes into force in Scotland in March of next year this will be really useful.

Tasmania, Australia

I have found Aeros very useful in many different ways. Firstly, I can smoke them in circumstances where it would be impossible to smoke a normal cigarette, eg in restaurants, hospitals, cars, and can also use them around other people who may have asthma etc, without any ill effects. They are very long-lived, and when was sick last week, I couldn't smoke a normal cigarette, the aero was a good substitute. I hope eventually to cut out cigarettes and just smoke Aeros.


This product is wonderful! After using them for about a month, I began to find Aeros more satisfying than cigarettes--and being able to smoke anywhere is, as others have said, a real bonus. I have been using them about ten months now and it is so nice to be able to enjoy a "smoke" with coffee after dinner in a restaurant again. Great product!

Fort Worth, TX

As far as I'm concerned, your product is the best idea since the invention of the wheel! Using Aeros, I am now able to enjoy venues where smokers are usually uncomfortable - airplanes, movie theaters, restaurants and office buildings, etc. My sister and I would like to know if we can purchase stock in your company. We feel Woodleaf/Aeros would be a great investment (think: Wal-Mart in the 1970's). I would highly recommend Aeros to any smoker as a supplement to, or instead of cigarettes. Wishing you all the success in the world on a tremendous product.


I tried e-cigs & got tired of hassle of charging,& buying batteries ect. this is much better.


I like the product a lot. It helped me quit smoking last August. I had an emotional relapse and I am ready to quit again. While at a concert, the smoking area was too far away from my seat so I used my Aeros and stayed inside for four hours straight enjoying the music.


This product is incredible. Simply "incredible".


This product has literally helped saved my life! I actually prefer Aeros over cigarettes.


I just got my Aeros, and I was really skeptical. Considering that 8 puffs only delivers .05 mg of nicotine when a normal cigarette delivers about 1 mg, I figured it would feel like breathing air through a tube. I honestly thought that these things wouldn't be worth the money - however, when I got the pack, I was totally shocked after taking my first puff. It actually made me cough, and the "burn" in the back of my throat felt like a real cigarette. I couldn't get over it. So remarkable. I bought these as an alternative to smoking for areas where smoking is banned, such as on the airplane, at work, etc - absolutely worth the money. After 3 puffs, I found that I was really treating it just like a cigarette - the same inhalation!, pursing my lips the same way, still leaning my head back for the invisible exhalation. My experience may be unique, but with my eyes closed, I can't tell the difference except that I don't have as much trouble breathing a few minutes later, and I'm only on the 2nd Aeros. I don't think it would be hard to completely replace smoking with these things - no long acclimation period for me.


I am a former chain smoker and currently using your product as a supplement to regular cigarette's. I am here to say that nothing advertised about your product is NOT the truth ! Thank you and thank you again !!


I am SO IMPRESSED with AEROS SMOKELESS that I am going to refer my friends to it. It is by far the BEST INVENTION! I have seen. I will definitely get my sister to try it- and she is a chain smoker.

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